At Style Church, we believe that anyone can “fake it to make it.”  We sell lifestyle packages that allow our customers to remake themselves. Once you choose a lifestyle category, we provide lifestyle appropriate clothing, preloaded social media accounts, everyday objects and literature that define the lifestyle of your choosing. By using these objects daily, we guarantee you will start to embody your chosen lifestyle in minutes.

Forget the restrictions of social class, ignore monetary constraints and the inhibitions of physical appearance that companies use to restrict people from their products and therefore .  Style Church allows you to live the life of your choosing and start fresh!

Where we stand

It is common business practice today to market products in order to separate groups of people defined within categories such as wealth, age and physical aptitude. Marketers create style languages which they determine to be group specific. They devise price points and advertising pitches which target these consumer groups. These “campaigns” become powerful cultural instruments of social identity which are reinforced both by tactics of inclusion and exclusion. Just as this commercial practice appeals to specific groups to consume the lifestyle “brands” it creates, it raises barriers to stop those who might not fit the category from diluting their autonomy, one from the other. Consumers who try to cross brands suffer a social stigma as pretenders or “climbers,” falsely assuming the mantel of a curated consuming group to which they desire to belong.  People who try to leave their current situation for one better suited to their personal preference have their social wings clipped.


We believe that our current commercial culture that poses this kind of impediment to free choice is WRONG. Style choice should be a personal matter. It should be liberating and personally edifying. We should ALL be able to live the lives WE choose regardless of the circumstances of our physical, social or cultural lives.


At Style Church, You do not need to be rich to have a luxurious lifestyle. You do not need to look fit to feel and look athletic! Pick your style of life without any constraint.  Do not let commercial culture dictate how your life should be led!  Purchase a style of life and put yourself in command of how people see you.


Our "my fair lady" business model

Our target audience is everyone.  We call this the “My Fair Lady” business model.  That makes us Henry Higgins and the consumer Audrey Hepburn.  Anyone can be anyone!  We have modeled our lifestyle categories in ways to insure they are inexpensive. Customers enter our on-line portal and simply select a lifestyle to purchase a full suite of lifestyle experiences, lessons and objects to assist in their gradual re-incarnation as the persona fulfilling all the style features of their chosen life.


Style Church recognizes that lifestyles are also inhabited by like-minded people. That is why part of our service is match-making and social networking. Switching lifestyles can be a scary thing.

But NO MORE do lifestyle changes have to be made alone and by only a courageous few. Once you purchase a lifestyle we will connect you to all the other like-minded people in your area! 


Style Church continues to update its lifestyle choices based on consumer response. Our sophisticated marketing technology cycles customer feedback directly into the lifestyle pattern books we fashion. Gone are the days when brand managers selling products defined who could or could not purchase their wares. Today, you decide what the lifestyle looks like. Style Church puts you in the driver’s seat on lifestyle changes. And, Style Church keeps you ahead of changes in lifestyles as they occur, in real time rather than through the slow process of dissemination of images through the media or celebrity culture. Isn’t it about time you told Kim and Kanye what to wear! With Style Church, you are the celebrity, brand manager and style magazine editor all rolled into one.


Style Church is also committed to bringing you lifestyle commodities at the lowest prices. That is why we search the globe for clothing, jewelry, food, media and music, etc. that are available in “lifestyle pure” form. And, if you purchase through our website, you earn reward points toward the purchase of additional lifestyle commodities. Style Church has partnered with many manufacturers to insure that their products are consistent with our mission to deliver to you only the truest, unadulterated lifestyle quality objects. And, there is no cost for shipping!


In Lifestyles We Trust

We see lifestyles as akin to religious faiths.  One’s commitment to a lifestyle should be as unrestricted and unhampered as any expression of faith. Just as there is a separation of Church and State, we believe in a separation of Lifestyles and Brand Managers. “E Pluribus Unum” does not refer to the way we choose to live but rather the collective belief we share in the freedom to choose how we live.